Midnight Dream Part I: Sleeping Love

“This is the night when I’ll fade my wishes.

A flame of old kisses lights my mind…

Nolstalgic thoughts from the past.

All came through it to this night.

Oh… Grey nightmares and blue dreams.

Seems to be the longest night… the longest thought.

I can smell the sweet perfume of the mist.

I can fly between the shadows and the fog.

I am alone on day; walking on the circle of life.

Filling my heart with gold and shame.

I am dreaming at night; dreaming with her milky face.

Feeling just like she’s dreaming too.

I close my eyes, again… And I see her waiting for me.

Is this a nightmare or just a dream?

Will I kiss her lips when I’ll awake?

I’m just a wicked man dreaming a fantasy of fate.

Clouds of silk, light of hope.

Night of meet, day of thoughts…

Trains from south running to the north.

Will I run to tell her all my love…?”

-Lunes, 27/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.


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