Midnight Dream Part II: The Weakness of a Man

“If the wind blows an angel’s wings.

If  a lady kisses the destiny’s choice.

If I will love without silence and make her believe.

I hear the call of the reality’s freedom.

I’m just a man dreaming my feelings away.

Looking for a getaway from this moment, my universe.

It’s a sin. It’s a mistake trust in fate’s word.

All is inside of my soul, inside my mind.

I am a leaf swimming the lake of wishes,

Hoping always to make her wash my eyes away.

She is a moon crossing my shy skies…

Always lightning, always far.

This is the weakness of a man…

Using the candle of a dream to burn the passion out.

Telling secrets to the silhouette of a princess.

Always embracing the cold of a silence pleasure.

Wishes beneath eternity.

Me watching her scenes through my heart.

Secrets of a man in front herself.

Secrets of a dream becoming the reality of a whole life…”

– Lunes, 27/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.


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