Midnight Dream Part III: Poetry for a Dreamer

“Meanwhile I still dreaming, my muse is dancing on her desires.

I write through my demons all what she makes me feel.

Even a waterfall breaks a lake in thousand pieces.

Even an ash grows into an infernal fire.

Temptations from her… Illusions from my head.

Feathers of my Heaven, leaves from the autumn’s voice,

Let them rain over my face.

Let this chapter to be written by the hand of an eternal soul.

Leave the dream. Leave the broken paradise.

My heart, my warming heart… Why you still alive in this frozen dreams?

Oh… My heart, my burning heart, you will always be my poetry salvation,

My bridge to the landscape of  thousand gardens.

A bridge where in its end she’s standing.

Waiting for a promise or for a word to progress.

Loving her or loving life, I’ll always sleeping to awake in her arms.

Secrets, oh, whispering secrets that she inside knows.

I woke up, but the dream still there…

…There, to make me follow it for her.

I’m in love no matters where I am,

But I still in the dream.”

-Lunes, 27/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.


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