Midnight Dream Part IV: Nocturnal Serenade

“What does feel a man who is dreaming a life?

What does he think when he awakes in those quietly mornings?

What does mean reality in a dream? In a real dream…

Because dreams come true.

My life is always during at night,

Between candles of love. I forever dream about you.

I build a prison of it. I am siting here dreaming and living about you.

Night is beautiful itself, more than you can see.

Dreams come true if I believe.

As the wind rises to the sun, as the buildings touch the clouds.

I will always dream about you.

I won’t awake, because my dream is you.

No matters who is yelling this is fake.

It isn’t if I see you and I tell you that you are the only one…

I’ll kneel on the fire for you, because I’m a dreamer.

I will share the treasures of life with the other souls, to see you soon.

I realized now, is a beautiful sin.

I live in the night, I dream every day.

I am forever  the dreamer searching for the golden way.

The way to love you somehow, my dream, to love you beside you, right now…”

-Lunes, 27/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.


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