Midnight Dream Part V: Dreams Come True (The End)

“Dreams come true… beautiful words to make all happen.

To make us conquer the highest mountain and the darkest will.

Time is ethereal and life is infinity. Stars are so far, but their light are so near.

Love is a passionated chapter of mine, where I write all about you, princess.

Same words in different places, I write,

Because I have a confession with the poet inside me.

Dreams are not a lie for who wants to sail in her heart.

Dreams are pieces of the deeper desire of the human.

Deeper and deeper, as a brave ocean.

If it’s storming or fading, I will walk my path forever keeping a picture of you.

Deeper and deeper, as a lie from a woman.

Lies die away by the winter’s wind.

Tell me, princess of my dream, do you remember when I slept on your thoughts?

Tell me, mother of my passions, do you dream your emotions?

Tell me one more time, blue diamond, why your smile says that all is true?

Dreams come true, don’t they?

I feel you always in the deeper of my heart.

I say your name by the passing seconds of my day.

I crawl for all this love until the last drop of lifetime.

Do you still smiling with that beautiful feeling?

So I am…

So I kiss you in the dark of the night.

Our love is a dream that always comes true every time we meet.

So here we are, lying on the chest of love…”

-Martes, 28/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.





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