The Fall of a Decade Part II: Deathropolis

“This is a story of a whole history.

Only one rule to live with…

Distance voices yell a salvation,

Just an echo to breakout the human solitude.

After the duel, all is dust in the frozen blizzard.

I can hear a kid singing away, singing an hymn.

All the people walk looking for their king.

Doomed all we were in this tragedy by far…

Why a man destroys for pleasure?

Somebody tell me the divine answer of  this meanless world.

Why we are demons on the path of nature?

We are only humans acting like humans.

Everybody whisper laments of a new age.

Nobody washes the sins far away from this madness.

Darker all became for now,  and we just can’t wait for a pray.

It doesn’t exist freedom in a land living by a little book.

People walk like deadly animals, living for a rutine.

People only live to work and watch the undo novel from TV.

Please, set me free from this chains.

Please, set me free from this life of hell.”

-Miércoles, 29/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.



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