The Fall of a Decade Part IV: The Last Chapter of the Tragedy

“We have no reasons to make thousands beds of gold,

When we sleep in our insomnia of needs.

We have a worm in our mind, and we feed it with dark illusions.

Shoot and kill your obsession, let it weep.

We can write differents stories to tell our horror vision.

As the trees fall in the ground, we fall with our sins.

The world was always punished by the money vice…

Now what you see is what you wanted to live.

Welcome to the new century of a population,

Where you will find cans of old food and brown water to drink.

We are cyborgs who are customized like simply humans.

We are evil like our childhood’s nightmares.

Welcome, again, to the new century of pain.

Where jungles burn like in hell.

Where violence is what you learn at first.

We are demons who are finding a cynic Heaven.

We have a heart of ice,

And we don’t care if it will rain thousand flames…

Upon a time, we once cried.

This is not the world that we promised to live in.

This is the fall of a decade of illusions,

And this the real torment of hate.

Words has been turned to knifes for the war within.

I have no much time to keep writing…

Tell to my future family that I won’t be there.

Tell them I have tried and failed to live.

Humans killed me, again…

Since the redemption of the darkness.

Tell them, please, I won’t be there…

…To share my smiles and tales.

To share the promise of a Heaven.

Tell them… I am the last chapter of the holy book.”

-Jueves, 30/06/11. Escrito por Alejandro Viloria.




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