Deathropolis Part I: Dust of a Promise

Wake up… Wake up, child of light. Here you are flying in this dream.

Embrace your hope. Embrace the company of the angels.

There’s a voice whispered through the wind of night.

There’s a time which will be stopped.

Where’s the moon? Where’s the sun?

Where’s the joy of the gathered world?

Close your eyes, child of light, there’s no longer time to stay awake.

We dreamed and stared. We waited for the star’s promise.

Where’s the promise we made at the start of time?

Ancestral choices made our days shorter.

If the promise is there… Why all the souls crawl for a dime?

All the promises are dead.

Close your eyes and get back to the dream. The darkness is smiling at me.

All is a lie from the same who’s staring at the mirror of dust.

Wishes fade to sin… all we have is hands to work.

Child of light, realize you lost all hope.

Our life was always a lie?

Chains of reality cut deep in our heart.

If I eat another brother will die?

Is the science of life, because there are no more promises in the world.

Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Martes, 31/01/12.


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