Deathropolis Part III: Innocence is Nothing

As a weak flower, we fall before the wind.

The hands of time suddenly will take…

Take our choices and the path of our dreams.

Time is burning through our evil fate.

Can you see the gates of Heaven?

Can you see the sun rising up the horizon?

There is a melody… Can you hear the angels?

All we fall on the call of demons. All we cry against the pleasure… All alone.

We are bittersweet soldiers walking to nowhere,

Finding the reason to live in our death.

Time is running and the seasons are dancing on the funeral of our smiles.

A last oportunity remains on our storming land.

We are all one version of the same…

The same chaos for a paradise of children.

There is a cementery of tears around the streets…

Where is the future and sharing? Where is the innocence of ours?

We can’t hear the answers! We can’t run to the hills of lies!

Our streets are full of nightmares and horror.

People dying of hungry. People with the vice of money.

People escaping through the ways of ecstasies. People living on the drama of their vagaries.

People fighting and dying for the speech of a political lord.

People crying in secret behind a mask of living.

Princess with the lips of a whore.

Gentleman with a poisoned mind.

Our children are in the battle of our consequences.

There is no wish for a better future without sacrifice.

We destroy. We survive.

We are lost on the choices of the mankind.

As a weak flower, we will die soon.

Time is fading to ashes…

Oh, child of light, where is your smile?

Welcome to the land of hypocracy, where innocence is nothing.

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Sábado, 04/02/12.


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