Deathropolis Part IV: Yelling Earth

After all we have done.

After the episodes of shadows traveling in the skies.

The day is night. The night is day…

Winter is where summer was. The autumn is lost with my heart.

Leafs are waiting to birth in the warm of life,

But waiting they will still.

Through your eyes I can see the fear of an enigma.

Did you feel the same before?

Let’s hear the symphony of our land.

The last we will hear. When all hope is gone,

We sing among the fear. A terrible fate we created.

Embrace the time we have…

Ground is falling. The wind screams the last words of life.

Brave oceans embrace us. The land is opened by the perpetual fire.

Our land is crying the wounds we made.

The Earth is yelling. Our destiny is broken.

All turns in darkness, and the moon is rising over the tears.

All we said is a lie. Our light was a demon’s blinking eye.

It’s time to pay. We will survive the rage of the divine?

Run where ever you want. The wounds are bleeding our lifetimes.

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. 04/02/12.


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