Deathropolis Part V: The Kiss of Darkness

Here we are, lying on the dead body of our land.

Some people walk without north,

Some people look the present of our past.

Here we are, livinf in the dark without words.

Nothing is the same for now.

All we can do is hear the silence winding like a memory…

All the love is lost, somehow.

I can’t feel nothing. As a the cold of the dark, all is empty.

Where is the light of the shinning sun?

Where is the sound of joy in this meaning?

Will the hope rise as the beauty dawn?

Will I feel the gift of life again?

Now, we are lost in our own destiny.

The hands of time took all vice from us.

We paid the highest price… The price of eternity.

We spit at the face of God everytime, now we got the kiss of darkness.

We live with no present, with no future.

Past remains as a ancient drop on a broken leaf.

The pandemomium is our disease.

Swallow that words, son of the dark. Swallow the curse of the damned.

Here we are, flying in the dark.

With no compass to have a new return.

Clouds are searching the way to die, as the last memories of ours.

The darkness is a new place for the sinners, as I am one, I cry in the darkness…

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Martes, 07/02/12.


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