Deathropolis Part VI: Forgiven… Forgotten

Time is a deeper word. We are lost in our thoughts.

There is no time for us. There is time for our regret.

Love is a deeper word. We let in the pleasure, and love was broken.

There is no love in our hearts. There is love in our regret.

Life is a soft flower, a resting calm lake.

We can lose it. We can get it back… depends of our actions.

We are in a war of choices. We lose sometimes. We win sometimes.

We are just children in love, or with a unhealing wound.

We want to play with the holy rules of time, of life.

We want to protect our rules from the others.

We just see all we want to see, we don’t care in all we care.

We are children acting like sages of the truth.

If we forgive, we forgive all.

If we forget, we forget all.

Love is forgive… Time is forget.

All the flowers shine in the good memories. All the pain are broken glasses in our life.

We keep the words inside of ours.

We need to let out the scars of our choices, just if we believe again.

All will be death if we don’t believe in us again.

All will be darkness and pain, if we don’t live with love in our days.

Darkness is in our pride.

Light is in our lowliness.

Please, child of light, kiss our wounds again.

I am here with a reason, with the reason of believe.

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Martes, 07/02/12.


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