Deathropolis Part VII: The Message and a Miracle

“If you believe in the darkest moment.

If you regret, deeper, in your heart.

If you let the love come after the fallen pain.

If you don’t look back to cry at your mistakes.

Then, there’s be will given another chance.

Time will turn back as a pendulum of miracle

Be a butterfly flying on grace.

Be a child living with innocence.

A flower can rebirth in the middle of the chaos,

As you can build a new hope.

Don’t cry the tears of agony.

Don’t lose the faith in eternity.

Heal the present with the miracle of joy.

The way of light, is through the holy son.

The way of living starts in your heart.

Hear this message and the miracle will shine as a star.”

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Martes, 07/02/12.


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