Deathropolis Part VIII: Requiem of the Last Dawn (The End of All).

We are awake now,

Seeking for the meaning of the nightmare or the dream we follow.

Dust to the dust. Ashes to ashes; somehow I see another future.

I see a new tomorrow with the notes of an anthem of miracle.

Landing reality from eternity.

Rays of sun lights the faces of the sorrow.

Feathers are falling in sign of blessing. Infinity is here.

This is the calm after the storm we made. The digged empty hollow…

He took my hand at the last second of this trace.

I said my last good bye, He whisper a new mourning.

All my pain fall to an enigma of humanity. There is no more tears in their faces.

I don’t know if it was a dream from the future or I nightmare from this days.

I just know the meaning of this dawn.

The first and the last of a chain of lifetime.

Don’t cry at the dark of the moon. Don’t try to be the winter of this fall.

We restart the acts of this theater of night.

Hell is always near, but Heaven still calling.

Live with no pain, with regret of shadows.

A pray for the deadly rose…

My child of light, oh, child son of the skies, I can see it through your eyes.

I understand the life after de disaster;

The hope after the bleed from ethereal moments.

Call my name one more time and I’ll be drifting like a star in the awake of a  solace.

Take my heart through the reborn land from the nightmare.

All is what it suppose to be.

I can see time ticking with passion.

Our children painting our future,

And a miracle embracing our hopes.

Light is burning my eyes…

Now, where am I?

I can see through my windows and nothing happened.

It was a dream or a nightmare?

It was the requiem of a vision.

In this new and, perhaps, last dawn,

I can fly in my time, in my paradise of motion.

I will share over a dead metropolis the message of eternity.

Now, I walk through the light.

As I child son of universe, son of his will.

My chance, my last chance to change my tomorrow.

As I will, a thirsty nation of joy will design the requiem of this destiny… Our passage of darkness.

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Martes, 14/02/12.


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