The Ashes of Time

I still waiting for your eternity. I will always waiting, my darling.

Because I still remember your voice… Your softly voice, an angel’s whisper.

Your dawn awakes my desire, until the sun dies away.

Suddenly my dusk dreams with the foam of your tides, once upon you kiss my destiny.

If I only could fall on the yards of my infinity.

If I only touch your face again, one more time after the time fades as ashes lying on the wind’s back.

Tell me the promise of love, until my skin dries away.

Suddenly the esperance conquers the top of our skies… For a new tomorrow filled with smiles.

I remember your hands taking my soul and my heart with the warming words from your lips.

I remember your eyes seeking for the last drop of our gathering in the shadows.

I wish you well, my darling, in the trace of life.

I wish you happiness, in the twilight of your beauty.

Nothing is forever, but the memories will… Nothing is the same in the waiting of a new spring.

I just yell to the stars, to the moon, to the wind, the distance we have…

With solace, the silence spoke to me the answers of the pain…

The answers for my tears falling to the ground.

Sometimes, loneliness kisses my emptiness, just sometimes, when you’re not in my dreams.

Sometimes, the nostalgia kicking down my present with the grays of my past.

I will wake up from these stigmatas… From this wounds from the cuts of the deadly garden of roses.

Time is perfect, all of it is… Someday we will meet again, through the bridge of eternity, someday.

May my force gives me the light to swim the thousands oceans of lies.

May your face gives me the serenity to pass away this darkness…

To reborn from the ashes… the ashes of time.


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