The Song of Your Voice

Your voice kiss my senses with the light of a breaking dawn,

Before the dark of the night, after the cold of the wind from winter.

Your voice remainds in my dying time with the symphony of your smiles.

Every word from your mouth to me is the rain falling on the leafs of summer’s gardens,

Because in every word your heart is speaking to me.

Tell me how to take you to my Heaven.

Tell me how to fly over our destiny,

So I can turn our wishes in one.

Your voice is a song in my lifetime.

Is the beauty of living in the jungle of decisions…

Keep singing to me the wisdow of my chances.

My chances to love you in many ways to kiss your lips of diamond.

Keep singing at the theater of our choices,

So upon our faith we believe in each other.

Your voice is the breathing of my heart, of my mind and my will…

Your voice is the silence of my darkness and my tears.

Keep singing for the love of us.

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. Lunes, 25/06/12.


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