A Winter Tale of Love Part I: Winterdawn

It began from nowhere.

As the falling crystal tears of this season.

My life will not be the same.

My story of man changes for no reason.

Only a reason I had to create…

Only for her, a princess from ice.

A princess that seems to stay.

I was betrayed because a vice.

The vice of love…

For the romantic heart, I paid with faith.

With the vice, walking on the snow alone…

Until I flashed to the night’s grey.

The deadly forest hears my whisper.

A whisper with desolated crawling.

Knocking the gates of fate, deeper.

Lost in the cold of my story.

Stolen dreams from a man.

Who always be I.

Frozen illusions of that princess.

Who always kiss me after midnight.

Touching the hard of the woods.

Stoned by the pages of my life.

From chains of vanity, I stood.

From infinity and reality, I’ll cross the line.

I raise my face to the snowing clouds.

Seeing the crystals falling to me.

Feeling how my sorrow flies as a crow.

To the unconquered lands of the romantic.

Course of love…

For the one who can’t embrace it.

For the one who still loses hopes in the cold.

The course of the winter poet.

Will I find you, my winter princess?

Will I feel the warm of your smile?

Or I will fade to breeze…

…Waiting for your winter dawn.


-Written by Alejandro Viloria on August 2010.


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