Beyond the Time

Part I: The Destiny Unchained.

Free as a pigeon luring life through my words;

Escaping beyond the ritual of existence,

A fortune of madness, a mountain of coal.

Nigh from the edge of all, looking for the innocence…

One last chance all we have, all we beg.

For a kiss of nature, all we crawl.

My heart is melting through my chest;

For all the love I needed… For all the words unspoken, I fall.

Falling like a one-winged angel,

Down to the inner silence.

Waiting for a sign, always awaken.

Static in time, frozen in the ocean of their echoes.

Tell me about the secret of life;

Show me the meaning of my existence.

Embrace me; embrace me with some hope,

Because I’ve drowned in my mistakes.

I kneel before you over my broken allegiance.

Until we meet in the mist of our love,

Above, in the nocturnal skies of our romance.

I haven’t see the treasure of mine, shining star.

Here we are, lying in the dark.

Kissing each moment, slowly…

As the seasons of time in one second.

Breaking all the chains.

Our destiny unchained.

Our passions flowing like a timeless river,

Infinite… Wondering questions without sense.

Begging your hands, your hair and your lips…

…Like a garden yearning for the rain,

Like a flower looking for the sunshine rays.

Like the time asking for the end…

Like a pigeon flying beyond the space.

Part II: Silhouette of an Orchid.


Some perfume in the air,

Seducing my senses,

All my feelings soaring over the skies.

Hearing your voice inside my mind.

Hearing like forever the melody speaking.

An illusion of my desires…

In my ears, you are the whispering.

Inside my heart, you are a fire.

Black linings covering your being,

Sleeping through the longest night.

Far away from me…

Far away from you.

All I can see is you silhouette,

Your memories casting away from the time.

Love is a well, deeper in our lives.

Silence is the hymn of our tomorrow.

You are fading like a dream before the sun,

Seeing you passing by, trough your life,

As I do with mine. We will never meet again, phantom of the night.

Wishing you well, hoping for hearing your voice.

Raining over your petals dressed in white,

Have you vanished your memories over the drops?

A waltz of faith in our gazes, looking for the light.

A last goodbye while you are living.

Dance the melody of life, darling.

While I dream of you, while a find a way to break the thorns.

The thorns of destiny, the perfume of a flower…

…The perfume of an orchid fading in the garden of my life.

Part III: The Majesty of Your Eyes


The majesty of your eyes, darling.

The magic of the signs of love…

One last time, let me bring a light to this candle;

The candle between us.

The majesty of your eyes;

Clean like emeralds lying over the clouds.

Pure as the gaze of an angel…

Beautiful like the ocean sleeping in the silence of the moon.

Hard to understand the beauty between your smile…

Your face and your hands touching each other,

Like a delicate bridge through your red nails.

Bring me a sign; let me rest in the peace of your arms, princess.

Let me be a prisoner of your words,

A warrior of what you love,

A child playing beyond the rhythm of your voice,

A man singing you a poem of your beauty.

Let me fall in the majesty of your eyes,

Let me kiss your hands without chains.

Fly with me, like crowns over the morning spring.

The love carries on, over us.

Written by Alejandro Viloria. February, 22th.


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