Facing the Words Within.

I: A Mirror in My Heart.

How could I fall in love again?

Is this a new road to me?

Have I found the key of these old chains?

Am I surrounded by a river of feelings within?

Is this a reflection of my old dreams?

This must be a faded desire, an old one from my chest.

This is not what I think…

This couldn’t be exactly what it should be… at the end…

Can I have some options to deal with?

With some silence rising inside of my mind,

I will take the trace that belongs to me, I guess.

It isn’t doubt… It isn’t fear. It must be a cold hit from the Heavens.

I will smile to her, with a long pulse through my heartbeats…

I will bring some roses embraced to my words this time.

Can I have some options to keep with?

Can I have a potion for my poisoned heart?

I will bring her some distance to escape from me this time.

Always waiting a train to leave this dimention,

To touch the dark infinity, a dime to myself.

Loneliness is sitting in its place, again.

I can see what’s happening in my mirror;

A blizzard of truth, a heat that came from nowhere.

Love coming… I won’t leave me this time.

I’m not sure to leave my shore. I don’t know if I will take her from the sea.

All I can see is a man dying of love in this mirror,

The mirror of my heart. A reflection of feelings falling as stones from the mountain;

Leave me alone in the dreams of a fairy tale,; a horror, a trance.

Can I have some time to deal with my options?

II:  A Slowly River…

Swimming over a fantasy, all my thoughts are.

Under the water, all my feelings will be.

Escaping, fading, shattered, deeper.

I can’t get drown in the same hope. I can’t fall and break my being again.

It takes time, It takes precision… It still remains inside.

I pretend, I swear. Like a shadow of myself…

I’m not sure… It takes time, leave me again.

I remember all the grays of my life, I’m not sure to draw some black or white.

Love is a stranger crossing the streets of my lifetime,

At this moment dancing in the eternal second of my nights,

Before I pass away through my dreams, to tell her my words of warmed man.

I am only a man injured by the arrows of love, after all this time…

Can I have some time to think about it?

I’m not sure if time will calm my anxious heart.

Never waited this. Not sure if I wanted it.

Love is bleeding, I can tell; bleeding upon I see her smiling at me.

I’m over a slowly river that takes me to a new page of my life.

I smile gathering the dark of my chaos;

This is not a dime I can take, but life doens’t wait a prepair man.

I am here lying over the love I feel for her.

III: Princess of the Day, A Dream of My Nights.

I see her with her warming smile,

A cloud made of her kind words.

I smell a perfume from her soul,

A bow made of passion.

I don’t know what to do, but still over my trace.

I don’t know if she’ll take my roses,

But I feel time will tell.

It is ticking, I still falling in this feel… all over.

I still see her, she can read in my eyes all what I am.

I don’t know if she’s reading the poetry of my heart.

It’s hard to ride the wilderness of these feelings.

It’s hard to slow down all what I am.

Want to embrace her future,

Want to kiss her present.

Wanted to evaded,

Wanted to leave it.

I’m faking all of this.

Breaking all what I did before.

I just want some time to deal with my words.

Calling my angels to face the demons.

I am a man fighting all what I want,

and what I want is to love you.

After all this time, is that what it matters.

I am a man drowning in your smile, everytime.

And I live, and I learn…

And I will, I can tell…

This is not what I wanted, but I do now.

This is a new page to write on.

I will tear, I will smile…

I will take what the ocean bring,

As I always do.

But I hope you can take me with you.

A desire, a love that can hurt.

A poem for a princess,

A dream of all my nights.

I will take what you bring through your lips.

I will share all my thoughts with you some day.

Ashes raining over my heart,

Drops of glory falling from my soul.

Can I have the chance to daze all this darkness?

IV: Dead Time.

The train stopped for a moment, I can wait.

Distance is cruel sometimes.

It’s a dead time to deal with.

She’s far away and I waiting to still waking.

I can’t speak, I can’t breath.

I will endure the muddy tide,

The rage of the moon,

A punishment from life’s circus.

I don’t know why I miss her so much,

All I can do is wait for the eternity.

All I do want is see her again, happy and radiant…

Why do I care all what I care?

I guess love is tattooed in my chest.

A dead time singing a cold poem.

While she’s washing some tears away.

All I can do is care for her, wait for her, for now.

V: Muse.

Does my poetry have a name?

A whisper said it, my words can turn their way to her.

I smile, I do care… I will wait, and live through her time.

Step by step, like the born seasons of the year.

I yearn for her coming, like an angel for some prays.

I will write what I see within my mirror.

Facing the words that I will speak to her some day.

I don’t know what my tides will bring to me,

But I will do what I need.

I do know she can take it too.

I won’t lie, I will let the truth speak.

Let me face myself meanwhile time flows.

She’s a muse, she’s an angel.

She’s a gift without owner.

She’s a crystal petal; strong in a tree hided because the strangers.

I can see, I can tell, I will hope for a soft kiss of destiny.

I am walking a trace of life;

My page of a dramatic event.

I can break all the past, to put myself inside.

I can shut what I feel, but it is a matter of time.

Can she has a good answer on that day?

I am only a good man poisoned by love, again.

I will do what I need, to lure her to my heart.

It doesn’t matter what will happen, I will care for her until the end of our times.

-Escrito por Alejandro Viloria. 24/03/13.


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