Eternal as the deep of your look,

As the horizon fading through the infinity.

Ethereal as the souls arriving to the boreal coasts.

Impacting as a mourning arise of the night, of the life of mine.

I fall and a I wake up in the middle of the frozen time.

Floating in the wounds of an enigma, a question without answer.

I dream and I start to see the pieces of my being, of my all.

Thinking and healing the darkness of a demon.

I am a cold summer without flowers,

Or a winter without the white of the forest.

I need my autumn with the leaves and the red of the sunrise.

I need to find my own spring to refresh the soil without rain.

Life is passing by the trail of my thoughts.

Just another molehill on the vast shore.

I am the question, you’re my answer.

I am the doubt, you are the clarity.

I am the energy fading,

You are the sun waiting for the end of time.

We will converge into the same path, someday.

You are the start of my ending…

Is the same story of the weakness of the man,

Of the struggle to find the love that is moving.

Is the endeavour of a romance,

Into the eternity of your smile… Of my caring.


-Written by Alejandro Viloria, 12/05/13.



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