The Candlelight Suite

  1.   Praeludium


“I am… Here, sitting… under all these feelings…

Waiting… to give them to the faceless princess…

Breathless… Time is faded… I remember them…

Wanted to bring the whites to my grays, again.

I dream her… Dream all about her…

Cannot stop… cannot evade…

This dark night… This blanked mind…

I am this… I am my past…

The stars are shinning… Shinning like diamonds…

Pure and careless… Like her softly hands…

Oh… her hands… Now, I tear my soul…

Her unknown name… Now, I fall…”

2.    The Waste of All Passion

 I.  Emancipation


It begins with a smile,

It finally ends with a goodbye.

Every time it rains over the days,

Just to drown the solitude of us.

I started to see, to walk over my dreams.

I opened my chest to show my heart;

To bring the lure of the air through my soul…

Like a man who embrace the key of his Heaven.

I saw her shadow singing a deep song.

Deep as the empty space…

Her symphony was always off-key.

She was running from herself, from her fears, among…

Always faking, always trying,

She was living a theater of loneliness.

Always falling, always crying.

She was wounding her innocence, deep, inner…

I tried to save her,

To keep the feathers on her wings, united, chained.

I wanted to save her,

To heal the deflation of her years, her tears.

She feared, frightened, shattered.

All of her pieces lost over the soil.

Pieces of her memories, and her goals.

All of them lost over her sadness.

But she smiled…

Smiled like a one-winged angel.

 Crawling and bagging for love…

Love of self-satisfaction, of illness.

The horror of her seconds,

She was walking with an inner holocaust.

Emancipated from her needs,

To find her vices… Calling her name out…

Like a flower on the hottest desert,

She was standing on the sprouts of time.

I was watching, feeling her wounds.

Then, she faded like a kiss of the wind.

Then, I keep hearing her echoes,

Her laugh like a song of a memory.

I tried to love her, but I was faded.

Nothing but experience remains over me.

Can you smell the jasmines of an oasis?

It’s the fantasy of our vices.

It’s the last breath of our voices.

Now, I can’t remember her soul…

I am the vision,

She was the phantom.

I keep walking over these dreams.

She fades as an old page of my life…


II. The Betrayal of Her Blue Eyes


Broken looking for something or someone,

You have an inner demon, a dark passage to share.

You just don’t care to emerge through another’s dreams.

You don’t think about the future, only about the nightmares.

Oh, sweet violet growing in my mind… let me touch your skin;

You are withering upon the longer years of your life…

Always lying, always escaping from reality.

I can see you hidden in a stopped time.

Can you feel the echoes from the jasmines, violet?

It is the same path for you, if you kiss the pain.

But you kept walking, protecting your being…

…From the spits of society… From the eyes of the fallen.

Wild as the summer melting the roses from the spring.

Frail as the porcelain from your softly skin.

Can you see you can’t run away?

But you still are running from the chains.

You promise the stars, now you shut.

Where are the words of love?

You betrayed with your eyes,

Lied to fade like the mist over the mountains.

I still thinking about you, I still.

I will always whisper your name to the silence, always.

While you hide from the others,

While you cry with your broken smile.

 III. Edenbridge

A light shine in this time,

Your name was named inside my head,

Like you won’t fade, even if I beg.

I feel you in the stream of my consciousness.

You came with the prays of a girl,

With love to share.

You waited in the cold for a warm of a kiss.

I waited for the moment to hold your wishes.

So long, so nigh, our times were foaming.

We met on an Edenbridge with our hopes sustained in our hands.

Now I wish you like an angel for his prays.

I loved you through my words written on the pages

I loved you through my dreams until I woke.

You always been desired by your dancing and your spirit.

…Desired by me in this melodic trace.

I loved you, I remember.

I felt you loved me, I think.

I saw it in the blink of your eyes, in the light of your smile.

I saw it in your dance and your passion;

Always dancing like a butterfly on the beds of wind.

It was pure and divine.

Majestic with the kisses of the night.

Until the day where everything died.

The day when I woke up from the dream…

Our Eden where torn apart.

Our hopes were stolen.

Our wishes, our love.

A blue rose was withered in this garden.

I met the cold of your embrace, of your leaving.

Now, you are disappeared in the deep.

You said a poem of pain, I was there hearing.

Where are the pieces of you?

You are afraid of the rage of a man.

You fall on the dance of the fate.

You loved without love.

Now I stopped to care about you.

 IV. Silhouette of the Orchids


Years have passed over me.

It was like yesterday, fresh pages of my life.

They were the crimson in my skies.

They were the mourning of my nights.

They are memories of my life.

They are echoes of the time.

They will encore over the dimensions of me.

Vanishing like shadows through the light…

My days fly like constellations.

My love flows like a river to a sea.

They were just silhouettes of what I need.

They are here, in the light of this candle I fire…

 3.    Dreaming Awake


V. Beneath Her Soul


Beneath her soul, I touch her kind.

Over the gold of her eyes, I kiss her thoughts.

I wish I could know more about her complexity.

…About her future, and beyond.

She stands like a banner on the sand.

Let me hold your hand, like pearl on the tides.

Let me understand why you run from the Heaven.

You can’t yell, only stay in blank.

Beneath her soul there is only pain.

A pain from what she started to evade.

She asked for my patience and my care.

Now, you walk away leaving my frame.

Cosmic gates of destiny, we are united by a fate.

I am frozen by the seduction of her eyes.

I am frozen by the absence of her voice.

She is not here sleeping over my chest.

She was a page transiting in my life.

She was afraid to show her inner beauty.

Always crying with dry tears…

Like sand lying below the sun.

 VI. Existence


…Together in the ritual of hate.

They are united by the sign of the same future.

…Until forever…

Waiting for a faceless man.

Same silence for the funeral of their love.

Same wounds for their bodies and their souls.

…Until forever…

Waiting for a dime, for a chance.

Some existences floating on the wings of destiny.

Living without traces.

Leaving footprints…

Can you feel their existences?

 4.    A Midnight Vision


VII. The Return of the Past


Late at night, lying on the bed,

Remembering the heavy of the stones.

Signing my future with my present.

Yelling  to the dark my passion, and my soul.

Can we smell the roses?

Beauty and perfect as it petals, as her body.

Broken and painful, as it thorns, as her reality.

Can you feel the roses?

She is haunting like a wolf at the woods.

Following the scenes of this drama…

She was always there, playing with the words.

She is waiting for my heart, to give her drops of love.

Can you feel the calm of the violets?

Unusual and strong, as its color, as her words.

Lost and grey, as its presence on a desert, as her life.

Can we see the violets anymore?

She is wrapped in the words of the others.

Writing a fantasy over nowhere…

She is erasing her love,

To not feel pain anymore.

They are returning and falling away.

Here and there, when we pronounce their names.

Always there, waiting for the moment to emerge.

Like the foam of the shores…

VIII. The Crimson Romance

“I am here to love you…

I was born to give you my best…

Let me be whenever I can…

Give the chance to show you what I shut for long time ago…

I know I am not perfect,

I’m not a hero and I can’t save you from time,

But here I am, on now… present…

I will give my life to the divine glory, just to hear an answer…

You are my muse, since forever,

I write you on my heart, I dream you on my days.

I wish you the beauty of the rain.

I talk to the stars, to bring me a chance to embrace…

Why are you so quiet?

It is not a surprise for us…

You always knew, deeper, inside of yourself.

You knew I was hypnotized by you…

Don’t know why, don’t know how.

I forget how to care about it…

I started to see the meaning of what I feel,

What I need, and I need you in my life.

Call it what you want… friends, or a stranger.

 You are just an angel for me, a candle in the dark.

You are a princess swimming in my eyes.

You gave me the passion back!

Even if the winter bites me with its breeze,

I will burn of love, of desire, of life.

Even if the moon fall over my shoulders,

My hands will be nude to hold your pain.

Can you understand all what I said?

Stay in silence, please,

Because your silence can tell me what comes.

Just to finish, stay in silence with me…”

IX. Bittersweet


Awake in the longest night,

Inside this room where the sky born.

I am denied to love a stone,

To give if you don’t give back.

Love is a bittersweet decision to take,

But I grew and stand in line with this candle firing…

I am alone in this room…

…Feeling the heat of a little candle.

The hours are dying.

The memories are living.

Now I am awake, tasting dust.

Now I am blue in this cerulean room.

5.    Deliverance


X. A Poem of Salvation


No matter what happened in our yesterdays,

I will reach for the salvation.

Within all the words unspoken in this trail,

I will sing the melody of the situations.

I will see you, my candle, dressed in clouds.

Making an endless flight to the sun,

Where all of our kiss can be found…

Then I will wait playing the serenade of the moon.

I don’t know when you will appear.

I just know I will be ready to see you face to face,

To whisper my testimony so you can hear…

Then you can heal the old silence away.

Save me from myself.

Save me from a century on the pages.

Save me to live like coal over the snow!

Save me to love another fantasy like old ages!

XI. Candlelight


These memories are burning over the candle.

Infinite like its air…

Just watching it consuming itself.

Nothing but silence, with some cry.

They were candles in the winter,

Leaves of the autumn,

Heat of the summer,

Dreams of the spring.

Lightning their lives until they fade.

I still feeling their burning…

I still feeling the night turning to day.

No more light to these candles.

I was in the Oblivion of their love,

Inside the eternity of their lies.

Would you change the misery for some light?

Or will you burn forever all the poison inside you?

 XII. The Final Hour

“It is the arising sun, again.

A new day born with its orange dawn.

This is a new start to write on a new page.

Everything begins to show.

Like jasmines becoming seeds of torment…

Like violets gazing sorrow…

Like roses killing butterflies…

Like leaves breaking illusions…

Can you hear the last breath?

Give me more time to watch the dawn,

To think before I forget.

The end is near and I started to love…

A new flower will begin.

A new experience of life…

But, for now, I will love myself.

The candle went out…


 Written by Alejandro Viloria. Saturday, May 25th.



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