My Pearl, My Diamond, Your Light.


My pearl, my diamond, your light;

You’ve always been stuck in the echoes of my memory,

Your hair dancing in my eyes;


The garden of your words,

A future flying in my dreams…

A future with you, my world.


My time, my destiny, your choice;

Just wondering on the mourn of my heart,

If you can warm up this void.


The void of anguish, the loneliness;

A kiss of nobody, the leaf of a broken tree,

Waiting for a stream of conciousness…


For a perfect season, that day

To tell you I love you,

Before time breaks our chains.


Because you’ve always smiling,

Side by side, time after time, with the beauty of your soul,

My pearl, my diamond, my…

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Tuesday, January. 27th.


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