Conversation I.


I haven’t seen you for a while,

You may be surprised.

Would you let me talk to you?

Just for a moment of your time.

I haven’t been on my best days,

Since we broke this “alliance”,

But let’s not talk about past.

How have you been?

It is nice to see you here,

Wearing a colourful dress,

Watching the glance of those eyes.

Just like the old days.

It is nice to see you smile;

Like if it wouldn’t be tomorrow.

I won’t take so much of your time…

Could you please take these?

Those are the “moon” and the “sun”,

Do you remember them?

The earrings from that day.

I promised you to give them you soon.

It is starting to rain, now.

You look like the universe to me,

With you wearing those.

Thank you for all the moments…

Have a nice life.

You will be remembered,

Like a jewell in my heart.

It was nice to see you here…


-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Thursday, 16/02/2016.


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