Conversation – The Second One.


Are you able to see the stars?

It was about  five years ago,

And we were on the highest mountain.

It was amazing, wasn’t it?

You were dressed by the eternal borealis,

Like an angel in disguise.

The moon was in your hair,

And the sun in your eyes.

Myths and legends we spoke.

Hazed by time and warmed by words.

I remember it all…

But, do you?

Pages from past?

Have you read the whole “story”?

I’m not a grey yesterday.

You aren’t a painful memory.

We can restart.

We can be restored.

He doesn’t love you…

Not by who you are.

Don’t go, please.

I’m sorry for this.

I care for you!

I can leave all behind!

You never cared at all.

I can only watch you walk away…

Leaving your perfume vanishing in the air.

And my heart stoned cold…

Written by Alejandro Viloria. Wednesday, 21/03/2016.


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