The Last Conversation.


Shattered by her words,

As ice melting by the flames.

This is the end of the world…

Too complex to regret.


Is there a chance for me?

Since time is careless and blind,

Memories have to be seen…

I have to fade like day till night.


Was all in vane?

Trying to walk in the dark,

Thinking through this haze,

Would you understand?


Until it’s too late…

My love poisoned my life,

I was blind, what a shame.

Concealing our smiles with this crime.


Would you understand?

It’s hard to walk away,

But harder to shut a dizzy heart.

It was like six years ago within this chains.


Now the scars are dry,

But eternal…

Where are you now?

Like we are wandering on the sky.


Have you understood?

…Have I?

All I can remember now is your eyes fading.

And our hands leaving theirselves.


At the end love matters,

Even if you couldn’t give it back.

At the end you were a rough stone,

And I was the wind passing by.

Written by Alejandro Viloria. Monday, 05/30/2016.


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