Shattered Within the Oblivion.


Only one year has passed, and I still awake…

Alone within these walls, where I hear the rain falling over the roof.

Cannot see through the room.

Cannot see the green of the woods.

All I can see is the cold white…

All I can hear is the silence of my life.

I barely remember those days, the good ones.

I almost feel the warm of her kisses.

I almost catch the moments where I embraced my children.

…Those moments where time meant nothing.

Where life was just the moments we shared.

I had all, and now I am broken.

These walls are my sin.

This silence is my shadow.

For whom believed in me, I ask for forgiveness.

For the ones that faded away, I regret nothing.

Time is now emptiness through the fog.

Days and nights are just a blinking light over me.

Fighting the demons of my heads.

Wipping away the darkness from my soul.

Yearning to turn back my frozen pendulum.

My destiny just stopped.

The corners are closer…

Oblivion is my name and my story.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Wednesday, 09/21/2016.


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