On the Wings of Faith.


August, 12th.

Tom and Sam went to sleep early, and my wife is reading a book.

It was a rainy day where we stood here in home.

I am writting this because my chest is full of feelings…

Strange feelings of romance and nostalgia.

If you ask me, I never imagined I will be here in the warm of this bed,

Taking this woman’s hand, and watching my children growing up.

My youth was painted with grey. The portraits of my home were empty.

No mother and no father were along to me.

I’ve grown beside my grandparents, who had a hard job dealing with me.

Yes, It could have been worst. It could have been a darkened way.

I met my wife in a park… Our eyes just hit through the looks.

My heart washed away like the foam of the shores.

Time is meaningless when you meet you soul mate.

Since that day everything fades away; life restored.

Upon the wings of our love, we fly through the rainbow.

I have rotten pages in my life, but this story is sweet.

My children will learn about the good and bad days.

My wife will learn about the heaviest ones.

I will learn to care and to love them all.

I will fail some days, but I’ll try my best.

This is me vanishing my shadows.

This is my looking above, looking at the lights.

I am the best I can be.

Now, the rain just stopped, and the sun will show its light again.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Thursday, 09/22/2016.


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