The Masterpiece That Changed All.

L'homme blessé

September, 15th.

My greatest work is done.

My painting, my sacrifice.

Everything will get better and better.

I can hear the applauses…

Victory and honor.

Legacy and happiness.

I started since five months ago.

A restless soul, with a fire in my heart.

My mind blown away through the colors.

Smelling the cigars that died each night.

Daydreaming with my work each second.

Finally I finished my masterpiece.

My wife is pround, and my children are amused.

They dream to grown up as a painter, like their father.

They have the desire, but still they have to work hard to reach the fire.

A masterpiece cannot be painted through indolence.

We are agree on that.

Now, I am drinking the best brandy, with my best work done.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Friday, 23/09/2016.


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