The Seed of Life.


September, 8th.

An angel will come down. Will be between my arms.

A lullaby will be sung. A fruit will birth from my branchs.

A child will be with us, with Tom, Sam, my wife and me.

Life is a gift… a beautiful song… timeless and eternal.

Can you hear the whispers of the Heavens?

Can you feel the light warming up the room?

All this love I feel, all this moments with you.

You erased my pain, and kissed my wounds.

I know it was you all the time… My soul mate since forever.

Our children is our legacy.

This is a thornless path. The clouds are clean…

And you rest over my chest, with dreams full of petals.

I see my sons running through the gardens.

Our family evolving.

A look through our souls, a mind dreaming.

I see you swimming in our promise.

Careless and happy; I contemplate you from the shores.

No walls, no shadows, no pain anymore.

Whenever you are, I will carry with the weight.

Whenever I am, you will be smiling waiting for me.

A castle of glass, the moon shining above.

The sun sleeping, a tale for the kids.

An unbroken feeling, this eternal love.

These memories apart, the present is us.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Friday, 09/23/2016.


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