A Warning… A Promise.


October, 6th.

I received an anonymous letter at midnight.

It was a kind of curse. A silent warning.

Somehow, somebody didn’t like my painting.

It must be envy, a man that cannot paint like me.

I will perish, he wrote.

My family will get hurt, he continued.

Hating through the dark, limited by himself.

A coward in the fog, shooting arrows from beyond.

A fight with no sense, just for a paiting hanging in a wall.

Can you believe that? Because I’m not.

I will keep on painting, I will carry my passion till the end.

I promise I will paint the Heavens, for my wife and my children.

My wife is nervious.

My children don’t know anything.

It is to much drama for a letter.

We have to carry on…

Our life cannot stop for a letter.

Our days cannot be limited because of a faceless man.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Thuesday, 09/27/2016.


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