Pieces of a Broken Me.


Eternal day.

Seems like I’ve lived another life before. I don’t know whenever is night or day.

I had kids, I had a wife, once. I have a daughter wandering in the field.

I don’t know if she knows about me.

Life is passing by… On a shadow trail.

Memories fade slowly through the muted tears falling from my face.

I am what ever I am, I don’t even remember my name.

Just bones and skulls rolling in the dark.

A call for the Heavens is my chance.

Not feedback. No answers for this poor soul.

Forced to came here. Forced to live floating in this white room.

Hearing the echoes of my children. Begging for a chance to restore the past.

To face the woman I loved so hard, to tell her what I am made of.

But I am watching the episodes of my life instead.

Painting an eternal portrait, with the colors of the pain.

Speaking to my thoughts, dancing on the edge.

Life is passing by, and the life has forgotten me.

I’ve been left behing with my praises and my sins.

Living in the past forever.

They found me lying on the ashes, once again.

Alone with dusty clothes…

Once I was a complete man, flying in the skies.

Those were faraway days…

Now I am a broken soul wandering in the purgatory.

Living this eternal day.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Friday, 11/06/2016.


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