After All This Time.


The last day.

After all this time, she came. She came to me.

I barely remember my name… some flashbacks of that where I was me.

I coexist with my demons inside these walls.

A long gray beard, messy hair and ancient teeth.

Skinny and faded by darkness.

She came because she knew I am dying.

She was another woman before my eyes… no longer the woman I married.

She had two more kids apart with someone else, I don’t know who.

She cried when she saw me with this look. I couldn’t blame her.

I told her they want to kill me with those pills, but I think she didn’t believe me.

I asked for my “little girl”, she came too.

When I saw my daughter, I cried, I yelled.

I yearned for this some many winters ago…

She was a woman, a beautiful one. I didn’t know what to do.

When she hugged me… I realized I would die soon.

“We are what we are”, she said.

I will die without knowing who’ve did this to me.

Why? Why this happened?

I don’t have enemies, or troubles with people.

My life is gone away and all my beloved ones.

Why did you do this to me?

They leaved me behind once again, with a bittersweet goodbye…

Within my heart and a last look through our souls.

I am on my own again, waiting till the last breath.

I am dying of solitude.

I am crawling to my last chapter.

My masterpiece, my legacy.

I regret nothing but stay here.

I forget everything except that shadow who took my life away.

These are my final words:

I will follow my little girl through the wind.

I will watch over her and her mother.

You won’t see me, but you would feel me in the breeze.

I am what I am, and will fly like the leafs in the autumn.

My boys are waiting for me, beyond the oblivion.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Monday, 11/14/2016.


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