A Song Within My Soul.


I was walking in solitude, wandering on the field.

Then, you came and showed yourself before me.

Dressed all in dreams and hope.

Destiny arrowed my heart, called for my name.

You took my hand looking for a ride.

Painting my days with smiles and kisses.

I realized we will be dreaming on our trail,

Looking through our eyes, rising our time.

You are the sun in my heart, a fire in my chest,

The mist on the mountains, the breeze dancing through the leaves.

Would you dance with me? Dancing forever.

Would we dream together? Embracing the eternity.

We are walking through our field, watching the roses grow.

Someday it will rain over our heads.

It will be cold for us, but I’ll be there to warm you up.

We are in this together from spring to winter.

Because you are a shooting star guiding my path,

An eternal moment in my life, the sea of my river.

Yes, you are the summer of my garden, the moon over my lake.

A sunset on the ocean, the foam of the shores.

We are what we are, and I love you for all you have.

We believe in no promises, just in today.

You can count on me in all your goals.

We are dreamers running in this field.

I will be there for you, because you are the joy of my days,

The hug in the hardest moments, a beautiful lost paradise.

You are the light in the dark, my timeless princess,

The song within my soul.

-Written by Alejandro Viloria. Thuesday, 11/17/2016.


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